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Municipal Law

What is Municipal Law?

Are you dealing with the County or the City?

Municipal law refers to rural counties, towns and cities. The provincial government delegates authority to municipalities and continues to have an oversight role with municipalities.

  • Are you applying for a development permit, subdivision approval, let me assist you to prepare the documents and to advocate with the municipality or City on your behalf OR
  • Have you been turned down? You have options which are time limited including the right to appeal.
  • Are you unsure if your property tax assessment or the local improvement tax is fair? Do you know what your options are, including the right of appeal?


What is Expropriation?

You have the right to object to the expropriation.

The Government and delegated authorities, including municipalities have the right to take your land for the purpose of building roads, etc. Oftentimes, the expropriating authority will send a land agent to try to negotiate a settlement with you.


  • How do I know if I am being compensated fairly?
YOU MAY BE ENTITLED TO OTHER DAMAGES, INCLUDING BUSINESS LOSSES, even if it is not your land that is being expropriated. This is a complex area of the law. Be informed.

Surface Rights

Are you dealing with pipeline crossings, transmission lines? Oil and Gas Companies?

In many circumstances YOU ARE ENTITLED TO LEGAL REPRESENTATION. Not sure what the oil and gas companies are asking you to sign and what are your rights.

Dealing with Government Agencies

Including Alberta Environment, Alberta Health and Wellness, and you don't know what they can or can't ask of you.

Do not assume that government agencies have the legal right to ask you to do certain things. BE INFORMED.

Professional Disciplinary Matters

Are you a professional and concerned because you have had a complaint filed against you with your professional organization?

Be informed before you decide to represent yourself. YOU COULD LOSE YOUR RIGHT TO PRACTICE.

Going Through a Separation or Divorce

You have options.

Not all divorces need to go through the expensive, highly stressful litigious process.

What is the Role of a Registered Family Mediator?

Separation, Divorce, Estate and other Family Matters

As a registered family mediator, my role is to inform and facilitate communication. As a family mediator, who is also a lawyer, I can offer information on what the law is in Alberta, and identify "grey" areas where people need to seek independent legal advice, for example: inheritances, spousal support. As a mediator, I do NOT act on behalf of either party. Individuals are provided with a Mediation Report. A properly prepared Mediation Report with all the background information needed forms the basis for legal agreements and court orders. A mediation report is not a legal document. However, it can save time and money where there is a willingness to come to a fair and equitable settlement.

What is Co-Mediation?

Working with other lawyers who are trained in mediation, we can offer couples a less-stressful approach to settling their affairs. Our approach is based on reducing the inherent conflict and supporting positive, informed communication through a facilitated mediation approach. Our goal is to demystify the law, provide information and encourage a fair and equitable settlement. As a co-mediator, we jointly facilitate communication. We do not take an adversarial approach. Our approach is true to the concept of mediation and that is to facilitate individuals to resolve their own affairs.

In our capacity as lawyers, we provide individuals with a legal opinion as to what their options are and the benefits and risks. We can take you through the mediation process, provide couples with individual legal advice and when there is an agreement, prepare and file all legal documents, including a joint divorce.

What is "Wholistic" Family Law?

Separation and divorce is a trying and difficult time for families. It impacts all aspects of you and your children's lives. The research shows that it takes individuals 2-10 years to "get-over" the impacts of a divorce. The impacts aren't just related to conflict, they can be financial, feelings of inadequacy which impacts future relationships, and for children, lack of self-esteem, and impacts that can reach into your children's future relationships.

Are you feeling overwhelmed and don't know where to turn?

Are you in pain and just want to GET IT BEHIND YOU?

  • Did you know that there are four stages of grieving and that decisions made during any of the stages could be the wrong decision for you and your children in the future?
My practice in family law focuses on co-mediation and mediation with support from a "wholistic" family law team including psychologists, social workers, school counsellors, father and mother supports, non-adversarial lawyers, financial planners, budget expertise, as well as communication and relationship professionals, and step parenting support. It is based on the understanding that a separation and divorce is more than the legal processes, there may be times that you need the support of other professionals so that you and your family can "redefine" yourselves and get back to what is important in your life, including "parenting your children".

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